4 Common Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing

It is important to take your vehicle for a general tune-up before minor problems escalate into major defects. This article discusses some of the early indicators that your car needs to be taken for a tune-up.

Plummeting Fuel Economy

Have you noticed that you now have to fuel up more frequently than you used to? Dropping fuel economy is an indicator that something is wrong with the way your car engine or other components are working. For instance, the spark plugs may have become worn. The fuel injector may be worn out. The fuel filter may be clogged with dirt. The list of possible causes for that dropping fuel economy is almost endless. A tune-up by an experienced mechanic is the only way to resolve that issue.

Squealing Noises When You Turn

A squealing sound when you turn the steering wheel may be an indicator that there could be a leak within the lubrication system of the steering wheel. Alternatively, the fluid level may have gone below the recommended level. This situation needs to be corrected before it causes further damage to the car.

Frequent Stalling

It can be very frustrating if your car keeps stalling as you try to drive it from one place to another. Try to maintain your presence of mind each time the vehicle stalls. Note down the general temperature when it stalls, such as during cold weather or hot weather. You should also note down whether it stalls when you are using the car air conditioner or not. Such details will help the car service personnel to pinpoint and fix the problem quickly.

Jerking As You Change Gears

Your vehicle should not jerk as you shift gears, unless you are just learning to drive a car with a manual transmission system. Cars with automatic transmission systems may jerk as you move the gear lever to the drive position. That jerking that you had never experienced in your car may be an indicator of low transmission fluid or a dirty transmission fluid filter. Any delay in fixing the problem may cause the entire transmission system to be damaged beyond repair.

As you can see, vehicles usually give drivers signals that something is going wrong. Always be alert to any changes in your vehicle so that you take prompt action to address any developing problem. Take your car to an auto service technician as soon as you notice any of the signs discussed above. That professional will diagnose the cause of that problem and fix it before it affects other parts of your vehicle.