Harsh Realities and Little Known Facts About Auto Services

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Harsh Realities and Little Known Facts About Auto Services

If your car is making certain noises or emitting certain odours, there may be something wrong with it. Hi! My name is Emmeline, and I love working with cars. I grew up in the outback, and my papa had me by his side while he was fixing cars and agriculture equipment from the time I was very little. The process still fascinates me. I decided to create a blog devoted to auto service, and in this space, I plan to post a bit of everything, ranging from little known facts to harsh realities about cars. I hope that you like these posts and that they help you learn more about auto service.


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Car Service | 4 Cautionary Signs That Your Car Exhaust May Be Damaged

Although your car's exhaust system contains no rotating parts, it is one of the hardest working components because its pipes join the silencer to the engine for controlling noise and directing fumes away from the passenger cabin. If your car exhaust gets damaged or compromised, then it will emit some cautionary signs, which you will need to get fixed at a professional car service.

Vibrations Or Power Loss While Driving

If you notice your car vibrating or losing power when you drive, then it could be a sign of damage to your car exhaust system. You may notice these vibrations when you turn the steering wheel or step on the accelerator pedal. This could be because of a hole or disconnected component within the system causing an exhaust leak. A professional car service should diagnose and fix the issue immediately because this could cause irreparable damage to your engine over time.

Consumption Of More Fuel Than Usual

If you've been driving your car for a long time, chances are you have a good idea about your car's regular mileage. If you have to fill up your fuel tank more often than usual, then you should get your exhaust system checked by a car service specialising in exhaust repair. This could indicate a hole or leak somewhere in the system, which causes your engine to work harder and consume more fuel.

Rattling Or Hissing Sounds

If your exhaust starts making rattling or hissing sounds while driving, it could be because of a corroded silencer. Silencers typically get corroded over time because of acidic moisture residue from exhaust gases. These types of sounds may also indicate a crack or a block within the exhaust system, whether it is related to the pipes or the gaskets. If the noise is audible from below the car, then it could mean misalignment of your exhaust system. If the exhaust is misaligned, it generally means a block or loose component within the exhaust pipe.

Corroded Supports And Brackets

Brackets and supports are installed to affix a car exhaust system to its position. Over prolonged use, these brackets and supports can become rusted and will corrode. In some instances, they will even fall off, which will cause extra pressure on the exhaust fastening system. Unless checked and fixed by a car service, your exhaust will fail prematurely.

Your car exhaust is one of the hardest working components, so it is prone to damage from time to time. If you notice any of these cautionary signs of damage, be sure to head to a car service that specialises in exhaust repair to prevent a larger problem later.