4 Transmission Sounds You Should Beware Of

Transmission repairs can be very costly if the motorist notices the problem when extensive damage has already occurred. It is imperative to take prompt action when you suspect that your car’s transmission has developed problems. However, not many car owners know what signs to look out for. This article discusses some strange sounds that may alert you to a developing problem in the car’s transmission system. 

Intermittent Whining Sounds

Do you hear a whining sound that increases as you reverse your vehicle? Clogged transmission filters are usually the culprit when you hear that whining sound. You should not take this problem lightly because it may be a pointer to additional damage within the transmission system. Such damage can cause particulates to clog the filter. Any delay to rectify the problem can cause the transmission to fail completely.

Gurgling Sounds

Air pockets can enter the transmission fluid lines and cause the fluid to gurgle as you drive. Those air pockets usually enter the fluid lines when the amount of transmission fluid is much lower than it should be. The limited fluid can no longer lubricate the system effectively– hence, the suction of air in order to fill the void. You can confirm that this is the problem if your vehicle goes into neutral gear when you suddenly stop after driving fast.

Grinding Sounds

People who are familiar with driving a manual transmission car dread the grinding sound that is emitted when they try to shift gears without depressing the clutch pedal. A car with an automatic gear transmission system can also emit that grinding sound. This may be due to a defective planetary gear system. A planetary gear system refers to a system of several small ring gears that are arranged within a large ring gear. Each gear ring has teeth that connect it to the gear rings next to it. The grinding sound starts becoming evident when one of those gear rings is damaged and can no longer rotate in tandem with the other gear rings. This problem should be corrected quickly because the gear system can lock fully without further warning.

Constant Whining

The transmission system can also emit a constant whining sound as soon as you engage any gear, even if the car is stationary. That sound may only stop when the car is in neutral. Such a sound may be an indicator that the torque converter has developed a problem. This whining sound is usually not as high-pitched as the whining caused by a clogged transmission filter.

Be very alert and notice any new sounds that your car is emitting. Take your car to a transmission repair professional as soon as you hear any of the sounds above. That expert will rectify the problem after establishing its cause.