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Harsh Realities and Little Known Facts About Auto Services

If your car is making certain noises or emitting certain odours, there may be something wrong with it. Hi! My name is Emmeline, and I love working with cars. I grew up in the outback, and my papa had me by his side while he was fixing cars and agriculture equipment from the time I was very little. The process still fascinates me. I decided to create a blog devoted to auto service, and in this space, I plan to post a bit of everything, ranging from little known facts to harsh realities about cars. I hope that you like these posts and that they help you learn more about auto service.


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How to Choose and Run the Best Type of Tyre for Off-Road Driving

No matter where you are in Australia, you're never too far away from a dirt road. In fact, the vast majority of roads across the continent are loose surfaces, and if you love to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city, you will need to get used to driving on them. Now, this type of motoring will require a certain style and technique but will also require a good set of tyres. In fact, if you're going to spend most of your time on an unmade road, you should buy a special type of tyre that is more suited. What should you be looking for and why should you take even more care to maintain them properly?

Choosing Your Covers

The majority of commercial tyres are designed for use on paved roads, surface streets or highways. They are relatively low profile and have a certain tread pattern that is designed to repel water from a solid surface. While these will work to a certain extent on any gravel or dirt roads, they will not be as efficient as a purpose-made off-road cover. Those tyres tend to have a higher profile so that they can more adequately cope with stones or rocks and have a much more aggressive tread pattern as well. In this case, big chunks of rubber will be interspersed with much deeper grooves, and this will help to move mud and other impediments out to the side as the vehicle is moving in a forward direction.

Adjusting the Tyres

If you make a habit of driving on both paved and loose roads, then you may have to adjust the configuration of the tyre accordingly. For example, you may want to deflate the cover to an extent as you drive into the bush, as this will make the vehicle more stable in those conditions. You will then need to add air to the tyres when you get back onto a smoother surface, so that they will be able to deal with that different environment.

Tyre Servicing

You will also need to service your wheels and tyres more often, due to the type of challenge that they will inevitably face. After all, you may find that the steering geometry is affected by a lot of driving on poorly surfaced tracks, and this will need to be readjusted on a regular basis. Always remember that poorly adjusted wheels and tyres can affect handling and fuel economy, while the tyres themselves may wear down more quickly than they would have otherwise.

Expert Advice

Talk with your tyre fitter and they will help you to choose the most appropriate type of rubber for your driving mix. In the future, they will help you to keep those covers in the best shape possible and ensure that your vehicle is always good to go.

Visit a tyre shop and speak to the staff there to learn more.